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Jamie gets transferred to the 29th precinct which has a reputation for being “a zoo.” Jamie breaks up a fight amongst the uniformed officers but no one will tell him what it was about, including Officer Jordan, whom Jamie sees as an up and coming recruit. Jordan says he’ll receive backlash if he’s seen ratting to the bosses.


Every officer who was involved in the fight or witnessed it and did nothing is transferred out of the 29th, except Jordan whom Jamie asks to keep. Jamie also requests that six officers from his old precinct be transferred over. All except Eddie are approved. Later, Eddie tells Jamie she asked to stay where she is. She loves Jamie but she worked hard to be a good cop and she doesn’t want to get swallowed up by everything Reagan. 


At the family dinner, the Reagans call a “code blue” which means they rile Eddie up about the wedding until they get her to break and stop being on her best behavior around them. They applaud when Eddie puts them in their place. 


Detective Ray Cross once headed a Narcotics operation where money went missing. Police Commissioner Reagan let Cross retire and keep his pension. A few months ago the Commissioner began getting electronic threats in which the content makes Cross a suspect. Gormley asks Danny and Baez to investigate since they had worked with Cross in the past. 


Turns out Cross was getting information about the Commissioner’s schedule from an aide who happens to be Cross’ pseudo-foster son. When Cross tells him he’s backing off, the son decides to take revenge on Frank himself with a gun but it’s a setup and Danny shoots him first, putting him in the hospital and under arrest. 


Billy Conroy a top sports agent beat up his girlfriend months ago. He should have been charged with second-degree murder but the late Monica Graham dropped the charges. Turns out her boss, Chief Assistant District Attorney Whitney is personal friends with Conroy and would have found a way to fire Monica if she hadn’t dropped the charges.  Erin tells her boss she plans to charge Conroy and take on Whitney. He says he’ll have her back. 


Kelly Peterson gives Frank the heads up that an Assistant Corporation Council attorney, Paula Thompson, wants to sue the NYPD after she feels Detective Anthony Palmer questioned her inappropriately after she reported her sexual assault. 


When Frank questions Palmer he finds nothing inappropriate but Baker points out that the man would obviously be on his best behavior with the P.C. Baker goes undercover as a sexual assault victim and Palmer tells her that filing charges against her boyfriend will probably go nowhere, even though he hit her and raped her because they’ve had sex in the past. 


Frank decides to form a special council to review procedures when handling sexual assault victims and ask Baker to be a part of it. 

Blue Bloods
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Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Eddie: You think your Dad had a hand in it, busting your chops a little?
Jamie: Nah, I think it was just the luck of the draw.
Eddie: Some luck.

If Monica had a legitimate reason why she chose not to prosecute then there’s no problem. If there isn’t, then I need to know.