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On Thanksgiving, Gene is quarantined in the apartment bathroom because he has the stomach flu.

Bob is putting together a new, innovative Thanksgiving menu.

Linda gives Gene the sip test -- he must drink some ginger ale and eat some crackers without throwing up or having diarrhea for thirty minutes. He fails and can't eat dinner with them.

Tina and Louise decide to tell Gene stories so that he hates food.

Louise tells him about Thanksgiving day in 1987 for a special ops crew in the Wheat Jungle. They are attacked by the Bread-ator, who turns them into bread products.

Dutch Oven, the hero of the story, defeats Bread-ator.

The story doesn't make Gene hate food, so Tina gives it a try.

Tina tells him about the President giving an important speech in Apple-achia in 1997. All the citizens were happy, except for a group of pears from Pear-is.

On Air Force One, the group from Pear-is takes over the plane to prove that pears are just as delicious as apples. They're gonna peel off the clothes of one hostage every thirty minutes until everyone starts eating pears as much as they do apples.

The President rescues the hostages and takes down the group of pears by throwing them out of the plane.

The story doesn't work on Gene.

Bob realizes that Gene ate some old chicken parmesan.

Bob decides to tell Gene a story while the family eats Thanksgiving dinner outside the bathroom.

It's about Gene Marinara, the best marinara rig operator in the world. An asteroid made of chicken parmesan is headed towards Earth, so NASA sends Gene to blow up the chicken parmesan.

Gene and his team go to the chicken parmesan, but they can't drill into it. So, Gene stays behind to eat it himself.

Gene admits to the family that he has food poisoning, he was just embarrassed.

Bob's Burgers
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Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 7 Quotes

Sippee-ki-yay mother-barfer!


Bob: The recipe called for apple, but I used pears.
Tina: So bold.

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