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A body is found inside a recycling plant, in the bin that breaks up the glass. The victim has a two carat diamond worth $30K in her mouth. The stone has a serial # that proves it’s a copy of a famous diamond on a dagger. The dagger was stolen three days ago. 

Inspector Rousseau arrives from France and he believes the victim, Isabel, was married to a rich Marquis, Henri, who he’s convinced is also a jewel thief. The inspector also believes that Henri killed Isabel.  

Brennan and Aubrey meet with Henri but he won’t speak with them or let them into his mansion. Angela finds photos online that show Inspector Rousseau was with the murder victim hours before she was killed but he convinces Aubrey he was working her to try and catch her husband. 

Inspector Rousseau gets a scan of a second victim from France and has it sent to Brennan. 

Blake Master, a 24-year-old college student says she’s Henri’s intern and looks after his Virgina holdings but they find proof that she was in France during the last crime. Blake insists she and Henri aren’t having an affair but she believes his wife was. 

Turns out the vicim was one of the two jewel thieves and the sales women at the jewelry store was in on it, but she never saw the man’s face. 

Rousseau breaks into the Henri’s home, videos himself and finds the stolen dagger in his bedroom. Henri admits that Blake is actually his broker and is selling off his family’s jewels to pay debt. He had no idea that his wife was a jewel thief. 

Turns out Isabel was trying to steal back her husband’s family jewels with the help of Chadwick Grey, who she met through the Gem Society. When she found out that he’d killed his last partner and was going to turn him in, he killed her, but not before she injured him with the dagger. Although he cleaned the blade, Hodgins finds traces of blood inside the sheath. 

Booth has issues with his vision. He has to get glasses but tries hide them from his friends and colleagues. It turns out the the glasses are only temporary but Brennan tells him that she finds them sexy. 

Hodgins thinks that their is seismic activity under the Jeffersonian when things begin to move on their own near him. Daisy thinks it may be a poltergeist making contact with Hodgins. In the end, Daisy figures out the Hodgins is unaware that his legs are having muscle spasms and knocking into things because of a new and intense physical therapy. This could be the first step to getting back the use of his legs.

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Bones Season 11 Episode 21 Quotes

Let's risk the lives of both of our children's parents so you can feel manly and virile and young.


Angela: By old physical therapist you mean the hot 26-year-old?
Hodgins: Wait, was she hot? I didn't notice.
Angela: That's why you were always showing her how strong your core was getting?