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Despite their pact not to allow Christine to watch TV during the week, Brennan is watching it with her because a body has been found in the frozen tundra. This leads her to ask about cannibalization.

The best news? They've chosen Brennan to identify the body. She's so excited she runs out of the house.

When the body arrives, they discover Clark was on Henry's final expedition. When Dr. Edison says there were only five of them on the expedition with Henry, so it would have been impossible for him to have been hit in the back of the head with a blunt object and murdered, Brennan tells him to step back. He's now one of the suspects.

Clark lawyers up.

Christine's teacher calls. Christine called Lucas a trogladite. I think.

The professor, Marcus, left Henry on the ice. There was a storm coming in. He says they can read about it in his book. Then he wants Booth to pay for the book. Or, he'll sign it! No go on either suggestion.

Cam starts making wedding plans, but she looks about as happy to be doing that as she would be doing it to get her eyeballs poked with pins.

The ice shelf used to be an ice cliff. 

They think Hazel Mitchell. 

Wendell takes Clark out for coffee and Clark thinks he's just trying to get information from him.

Up next on the list? Declan Marshall. While talking with Declan, Booth and Aubrey get a new suspect they didn't even have on their list. The pilot of the helicopter. Declan had her come in early so they could leave on a moment's notice due to the weather.

But when she got there, she took a hike and saw Henry in his red coat going into the hut with someone wearing a dig coat. Upon examining it at the Jeffersonian exhibit, Aubrey sees a lot of blood. 

Brennan thinks there was an absence of gloves, which will allow them to get a hand pattern.

Felicia is picking out all of the wedding items as if Cam's wedding is any other day. But just this once, Cam wants to be a princess, and she finally feels right when she tries on a big flouncy wedding dress.

The hand model is ready and they have prints of all hands except Clarks. There isn't a match.

Clark did punch Henry, because he was using Hazel. Clark compromised the data, not logging a chip to the remains they uncovered on the dig, for Hazel. Ultimately, he punched Henry in the face.

He has faith in Brennan. They've worked together for over a decade. If anyone can prove his innocence, it's her. She agrees only to reexamine the evidence, saying it's the best she can do.

While re-reading Marcus' book, it hits Brennan. They need to look at the bones excavated during that dig. Something is off in the photos in the book. When the team starts looking, they realize the instruments from their period couldn't have left the marks for cannibalization. The Frank Party didn't eat each other. The cannibalization was faked. 

Because just like Booth said, a scientific book doesn't sell, but one about people eating each other? That sells.

But it wasn't Marcus. It was Hazel, because Henry wanted her to help him go public with Marcus' lies.

Clark was ready to tender his resignation since he was being crucified not only for falsifying evidence, but because he bought into the cannibal lies. That's when Brennan showed Clark her latest article in a scientific journal. In support of him. 

Cam finally tells her sister she wants the little girl's dream wedding.

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Bones Season 11 Episode 20 Quotes

Whoa. It looks like REI set up a torture chamber in here!


Christine: What's cannibalize?
Brennan: Sweetheart, it's just when people eat other people.