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The team is called to Jimmy Walpert's Chocolate Factory, the site of the world's largest chocolate bar, when it turns out there's more than chocolate in the bar.

There's a dead woman in it.

Walpert himself is a suspect, as is the woman's sister, when it learns she's made some enemies as a boyfriend-stealing, corporate-espionage committing liar.

In the end, we learn it was the chocolatier. She was spying on Walpert from a rival company and when she got too close, this creepy dude finished her off.

Elsewhere, Cam is disturbed when Michelle chooses a college whose reputation is not for academic excellence. Central Maine State University.

She's going there because of her boyfriend Derek, not for the academics. Sweets tells Cam to back off, and let it play itself out.

Angela and Hodgins want to announce the pregnancy. Well, Hodgins does. He tells everyone to gather for drinks that night.

Angela already told everyone, of course, and she tells people beforehand to bail if they can't act surprised. Very few people show up.

Still, it's a touching moment when Hodgins reveals it, if only for the smile on his own face. He's gonna be a dad!

Hannah’s in Germany with the president until she returns at the end of episode, which causes Booth to get back to her in a hurry for sex, as Temperance points out.

Booth doesn’t disagree.

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Bones Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Angela: Well, maybe you should talk to Sweets.
Cam: Sweets? Why would I do that?
Angela: He might be able to help you deal with Michelle.
Cam: I don't want to talk to a child about a child.

Nigel-Murray: Oh, you know, there are many fine universities in England, uh, Oxford and Cambridge, of course, but th-th-there's also...
Cam: You so much as mention leaving the country to my daughter, and I will choke you on your own trivia, and stuff your lifeless body in a locker.
Nigel-Murray: Then again, Georgetown's lovely.