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When a fisherman ends up dead and dismembered in the woods, the Jeffersonian team finds themselves looking into the events leading to his death, which has more to do with Karate and old feelings of resentment than fishing, leading to his sons' karate school.


Parker comes back from London to live with Booth and Brennan. Being a new older brother to Christine requires some adjustment. Booth and Brennan were worried about him. It turns out the secretive behavior had to do with a gift he was constructing for Christine.


Hodgins exceeds his department budget in pursuit of new gadgets. When Dr. Saroyan threatens him to send them back before she does it herself, he spends the entire episode putting the machines to use to prove their helpful.


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Bones Season 7 Episode 10 Quotes

This little turd could end up being our Rosetta Stone.


You can't stab someone with a fish, Booth!