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A gymnast remains are found in a park leading Booth and Brennan to realize she lived a double life.

Meanwhile, Cam confronts the woman who stole her identity. 

A  well-meaning couple who watches too much television tries to protect a body they find in a park with an umbrella when it's raining, only to cause it to be struck by lightening.

Cam socks the woman who stole her identity in the face.

Cam wants to pursue aggravated identify theft and Arastoo doesn't seem pleased by her demeanor.

The professor whose daughter was found dead tells Booth he is irrational.

Brennan identifies with the professor.

Sweets wants everyone to stick to the facts while Brennan and Booth continue to argue.

Amanda's coach doesn't think the second best girl would have wanted to hurt Amanda.

Brennan appeals to the professor to stay alive so the authorities don't think he killed his daughter and give up on finding the real killer.

Arastoo asks Cam if she's still going to increase the charges, and reminds her about his persecution in Iran. If he had held onto his anger, he wouldn't be with her today. She remains unmoved.

Amanda was doing Molly with another child prodigy. They both decided they wanted to quit to be regular kids.

Cam's friend thinks that they are even because she got caught and is in prison, and Cam didn't bother to give her a loan when she asked.

Brennan and Booth believe Amanda's coach is the one who killed her, strangling her on the practice balance beam until she bit off her tongue and threw up.

Amanda's cello-playing friend killed her out of jealousy because she didn't quit when she did.

Brennan goes to visit with Professor Watters and discovers he has mapped out Amanda's entire life in equations.


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Bones Season 9 Episode 11 Quotes

If ya think about it, identity theft is like another kind of murder.


Take a hard look at mom and dad in that locket. One or both of them may be a murderer.