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Billy Gibbons Returns!
Watch Bones Season 7 Episode 5
"The Twist in the Twister"
Original Air Date:

The body of a storm chaser found after a tornado doesn't seem unusual until a video footage filmed during the disaster reveals a more sinister culprit than Mother Nature.

In the Lab Where She Rules
Watch Bones Season 7 Episode 4
"The Male in the Mail"
Original Air Date:

Dismembered remains are discovered in several mailing boxes at a dead letter office. Booth's grandpa pays him a visit. Agent Shaw learns a key lesson.

Sweets Packing Heat
Watch Bones Season 7 Episode 3
"The Prince in the Plastic"
Original Air Date:

The remains of a female toy company exec are found shrink-wrapped with a doll. Brennan uses the case as a means of understanding toys and relating to children.

Seeley and Tempy
Watch Bones Season 7 Episode 2
"The Hot Dog in the Competition"
Original Air Date:

The second episode of the seventh season of Bones finds Booth and Brennan continuing their efforts to balance work and family.

The Memories in the Shallow Grave Pic
Watch Bones Season 7 Episode 1
"The Memories in the Shallow Grave"
Original Air Date:

The seventh season premiere of Bones is the first of six fall episodes in which Booth and and a pregnant Brennan prepare to raise their child.

In the Waiting Room
Watch Bones Season 6 Episode 23
"The Change in the Game"
Original Air Date:

Will they or won't they? That's the question on everyone's mind given the title of the sixth season finale of Bones.

Booth Investigates
Watch Bones Season 6 Episode 22
"The Hole in the Heart"
Original Air Date:

"The Hole in the Heart" is the penultimate episode of Bones' sixth season, and the third installment of the sniper story arc.

Bones Does Her Thing
Watch Bones Season 6 Episode 21
"The Signs in the Silence"
Original Air Date:

When a 15-year-old Jane Doe is found on the streets, it is up to Brennan to figure out her history and if she is responsible for a recent murder.

Hodgins and Angela at the Playground
Watch Bones Season 6 Episode 20
"The Pinocchio in the Planter"
Original Air Date:

Booth and Brennan find themselves investigating the death of an ad agency exec with a penchant for telling the truth in "The Pinocchio in the Planter."

The Finder Photo
Watch Bones Season 6 Episode 19
"The Finder"
Original Air Date:

This episode of Bones serves as the backdoor pilot for "The Finder." The spinoff stars an old acquaintance of Booth's with a special talent for recovery of even the most unlikely artifacts.

When you watch Bones online via TV Fanatic you will discover the we have provided you with many different ways to view the series online. You can watch and keep or you can watch and go. It is all a part of the experience when you watch Bones online. Find out what Temperance Brennan and Seely Booth are up to when you watch Bones online. See if their teammates are on their toes or if they need a swift kick in the pants by Brennan and her acerbic wit. Wit? Well, it can be considered downright rude behavior if you want to know the truth. Bones probably has borerline autistic behavior and when she lays into someone she can come off a cold and quite aloof if not down right mean. But that's not the reality of Temperance Brennan, as you will discover when you watch Bones online. It took a while, but the flirtatious behavior between Brennan and Booth finally won over and romance bloomed. Then it didn't. Then it did. Romance seems to be a byproduct of working at the Jeffersonian. But why am I telling you that when you will see for yourself when you watch Bones online.

Bones Quotes

Save the girls.


Caroline: You want to take on a private army with an FBI tac squad?
Booth: Yeah.

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