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In this week's episode of Bored to Death, Jonathan tries to help a recently paroled Russian find his love interest who only goes by the name of “The Lonely White Dove”.

Demetri is the love sick Russian who looks more like a mix between a Guido and a 70s Grease Danny Zucko. He pays Jonathan $200 to help find his obsession. Seriously, all of Jonathan’s clients have been a little zany, but this guy must really be hard up.

Jonathan goes to Brighten Beach in search of this mystery lady. He ends up at a Russian restaurant where the people and ambiance is a throwback to the old gangster days. Picture Goodfellas with Russian accents. Actually, everything in this episode is very Mafioso.

Having one too many shots of vodka, Jonathan makes himself an obvious target for the Russian mob guys watching him. Nothing yet happens to him, but Jonathan finds out more information about when the next time “The Lonely White Dove” will perform.

Somehow, Jonathan is able to convince Suzanne to go on a double date with him, Ray and Leah. Obviously things don’t work out as planned and Jonathan has to fess up about his true intentions – and being a private eye. This definitely makes Suzanne rethink any idea about getting back together with him.

Jonathan is able to fulfill his contact with Demetri. He brings him to his lady and her guys surprise attack Demetri and take him away. It was funny to see Jonathan try to act tough. When Jonathan got out the brass knuckles, I really thought he was about to do a pounding, but to see him throw the knuckles instead was an instant laugh out loud moment.

Somehow so far Jonathan has been able to barely get out of some ridiculous moments. I do believe that his luck is about to run out – especially since the season is almost over.

The best part of this week’s episode has to be George deciding to try being bi to help save his magazine. This guy definitely is one joint away from being completely out of his mind.

He decides to call a male escort service and this escort is not just anyone, but Romany Malco aka Conrad Shepard from Weeds! Oh, how I miss that beautiful face and butt and chest! It was rather strange to see him play a gay escort cuddling with George, but the purple shirt looked fabulous on him.

And in the end the three guys (George, Jonathan and their new male friend) drinking and watching an old movie together on the couch wasn’t how I expected this episode to end.

Bored to Death
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Bored to Death Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

(to George) If you want to open your mind... don't think in terms of male and female. I mean, it's binary. It's-- it's boring. How about no definition?


Jonathan: How long were you with her?
Dimitri: One night.
Jonathan: Just one night?
Dimitri: Oh, one night, if the love is perfect, is all you need.
Jonathan: Hmm.
Dimitri: Also, I was arrested the next day.