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Jonathan gets invited over to Leah’s house for a very unusual dinner party – Ray invited the lesbian couple over for dinner –  and his man juice. Leah mentions to Jonathan that she has a girl friend whose son had his skateboard stolen. Jonathan is eager to delve right into this new case.

Obviously upset that Ray is giving his sperm to the lesbian couple, Leah hawks the cup and dashes out of the room. The women take this as their indication to leave – with man juice in hand.

The next day Jonathan goes to Allison’s house to find more details about his new case. He learns not only that they think a bully at school might have taken it, but that Allison is a hot single parent. He immediately puts his on his moves and they end up making out.

Jonathan with picture of the skateboard in hand and a clue of the presumptuous stealer – Francisco – goes to every skateboard park asking around if anyone knows where Francisco can be found.

Finally he hits a lucky break when a kid – for ten bucks – informs him where he can find Francisco skating. He confronts Francisco saying that he is interested in buying his skateboard for his collection, but the kid knows of his antics and tells Jonathan to get lost – or else he’s going to get a butt whooping.  With this said, Jonathan leaves in a hurry.

Never to let a case go unsolved, Jonathan begs Ray to be his accomplice. He snatches the skateboard from Francisco and dashes madly to Ray’s car – only to not be able to get in. The skateboard gang chases Jonathan to his meet up with George. They are at the grand opening of George’s love interests’ restaurant.

Just as they are about to cut into the main dish, the gang break the window and ruin the opening event. Jonathan decides it’s best for him to leave. George realizes that this young woman is too young for him and also leaves with Jonathan.

Expecting to be handsomely rewarded, Jonathan returns the skateboard to Allison. She is thrilled that he was able to retrieve the skateboard, but explains that her son is not ready for her to date anyone. Allison ends up shutting to door in Jonathan’s face.

The episode finishes with Jonathan, alone again, hearing the eerie sound of a group of skateboarders heading his way.



Bored to Death
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Bored to Death Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Leah: Her name's Allison. She's a radical vegan.
Lisa: I know a lot of radical vegans. She must be really lonely.

Jonathan: Where's Ray?
Leah: He's in the bathroom masturbating.
Jonathan: What?
Ray: I'm almost done. Just three more tugs.