A Sordid Secret - BrainDead
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After Laurel discovers SRB 54, a room that appears to be a war room for war, Luke calls someone to find out to whom it belongs and learns it doesn't exist.

Luke goes to SRB 54 and is told by legislative aid David Pickle he can't enter. 

But it's all swept under the rug when Red is on the line for the Syrian problem. There is no Syrian problem, especially not one connected to exploding heads.

Gareth is introduced to Red's favorite African American person, Ashley, and asked to facilitate her.

Laurel calls Gareth, breaks him out of his pacing, asking to meet.

Gareth tries to go to SRB 54 and can't get in.

When he gets back to his office, he's given two files from Ashley. They are both thick. They contain the history of the sexual relationships of the Healy siblings.

Luke leaked. To Laurel and to his dad. Did the news get to Red from Laurel through Gareth or did dear ol' Dad do it?

Gareth gets into SRB 54 by having a guy mess with their WiFi. It works like a charm. 

Ashley's latest bit of evidence against Laurel is that Laurel slept with Michael Moore at the Sundance Film Festival. Gareth goes to the bathroom and vomits.

Laurel called Claudia Monarch, so that's not a good thing.

Mr. Bach needs something, and Luke has to give him something. He decides to give him SRB 54 and the blueprints Gareth found.

Gareth cannot stop imagining Laurel writhing in ecstasy at the touch of Michael Moore.

Mr. Bach is arguing with Red about crying wolf over war. When he says he might as well just pull out a gun and shoot him, he does it.

So much retching.

Red wiped brain matter from the wall and put it into his mouth. He then scraped it into a Glad container and put a Post-It on it so nobody else would eat it.

Gareth was trying to get over the fact Laurel screwed Michael Moore, but he couldn't and she was pissed. She kicked him out and broke up with him.

Except it was a rumor. Oh man, Laurel Contendered his ass!

The real leak came from the lady who is married the Red in real life.

Gareth attempts to apologize to Laurel, but she's not ready to let him in after what he did. 

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Gareth: I want you right now.
Laurel: Where?
Gareth: Anywhere.
Laurel: Have you ever been to the planetarium?

Red: No, no, no, no, no! I was shocked because the evidence showed that the Syrians were behind these head explosions!
Luke: Oh my God. It's Alice in Wonderland.