Under Investigation - BrainDead
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Well, if Gareth thought his salami sex was crazy, he really gets another dose when Laurel tells him about the brain bugs. 

She has a leg up when she proves a guy who is watching them is listening to You Might Think by The Cars.

Red calls Gareth to talk about exploding heads. He wants Gareth to do as much as he can.

Meanwhile, there is a giant winged bug crawling out of his ear. It lives in there, comes out to lay eggs. Red gives it to Mike the intern while he asks the FBI Director to bring in Lana Healy for questioning.

Red had felt Mike the Intern's head like a melon the night before because he knew it would explode at the gym the next morning.

A man under the guise of Mr. Cornish is at Laurel's office to take her in for questioning. 

Gustav is out trying to track down suspects with his iphone getup. He calls Laurel and she doesn't answer. 

Laurel is with Dr. Mitchell, and he is asking her about her tolerance for pain, her fear for drowning, whether she has an abnormal resting heartbeat and she immediately wonders if she's there to be tortured.

As Laurel is about to be tortured, she tells the people that whoever is watching needs to get the permission of the two new chairs. Which just so happen to be Red and Luke.

The two goofball FBI agents try to talk in circles around who the suspect might be, but Luke wants more stats on who the person is. They browbeat him into signing torture for Laurel.

Gareth goes directly to Luke with news about her four hour disappearance and someone trying to break the encryption on her phone. 

Just as Anthony calls Laurel's bluff about her telling the others she'll squeal on his bug infested cranium, Luke calls the agent who seemed against the torture and gets the answer he needs.

Gustav watches what's her name communicating with another braindead person. 

Luke calls the FBI Director. He wants a special meeting now. Laurel is being interrogated. The questions are as expected. And then there is one about Gustav she will not answer. 

It's a caucus off between Red and Luke.

Rochelle tells Gustav to send out the signal he recorded as if he's the one who generated it.

Gareth is helping Luke on the sly, but Luke is losing. Luke calls his dad for help.

The signal works and Gustav and Rochelle follow a jogger to see if he leads them to Laurel.

Rochelle and Gustav figure out a couple of the alient words. Dad Healy brings back Hodges, but he won't vote with Luke while the public watches.

Gustav wreaks havoc with the braindead senators and they're raising their hands, walking into walls and generally being idiots during the voting process.

Only when daddy Healy reunites with his kids does Gustav realize he's one of them.


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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Well, nice to meet you both, and I do think black lives matter.


Luke: They have her.
Gareth: What are you going to do?
Luke: Raise holy hell.