Gustav Struggles - BrainDead
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Laurel is trying so damned hard to keep the bugs from eating her brains, but she can't! And of course, 911 doesn't care, because the caller works for THEM!!

Gustav gets there, but there is no 911. Rochelle arrives while Laurel is trying to recite the presidents. But then, they realize they're thinking about this logically, when they should be coming at it from the other side. Emotionally, artistically. With booze.

There is music playing. Rochelle and Gustav are dancing. The bugs are moving in Laurel's brain, but they need her to get turned on. Gareth shows up. Laurel starts talking to the bugs. 

She sings a little Partridge Family, they make love while eating salami. The bugs walk off.

Gustav catches one of the bugs. He and Rochelle wonder if they might be from...don't say it!

Red chats to Lana about her woman ways. He doesn't trust her and the way she slithers around Gareth. He wants her gone.

As if the night before wasn't weird enough, Gareth really thought the conversation took an odd turn when Laurel wondered if he saw anything around her ears when she passed out.

Gareth rolls out what he'd like to happen, a whole romantic thing about dating and kissing her on the stoop while his friends said not to call her because he'd look to vulnerable, but he'd do it anyway and it would be awkward. She agrees. Let's do it.

But they can't because she was telling him to go faster while eating chocolate and salami.

Red wants to stop the CDC budget until they assure the people they won't waste anymore money on things like comic books about the zombie apocalypse.

Laurel realizes the Republicans are gerrymandering voting districts to look just like crop circles. 

Laurel catches Gareth writing her a note. He crinkles it up, but she asks him for it anyway. Get a drink? Yes. But not tonight. She's on a mission to try to bring Stacy back to life at a dance club.

It's too late for Stacy, though. She has an empty head. There's nothing to recover. She says they want everything, then puts her fingers up like antennae and laughs maniacally. 

Red wants to know about the animal testing done by the CDC. This gets Ella onto his side.

Rochelle is listening to the "music of the stars" and discovers that sounds of energy coming from the Draco formulation over 140 light years away sounds just like The Cars, You Might Think. 


Rochelle lets Laurel know it's possible Gustav is right about the bugs, so when Laurel and Gareth go out for drinks, she introduces herself as Laurel, who might be going insane because she thinks bugs might be eating people's brains. Huh.


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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Bugs, you have met your match.


Gareth: What are we doing here?
Laurel: Getting the bugs out of my head?
Gareth: Sure.