A Secret Deal - BrainDead
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It's a twofer as Jules is getting her brains eaten, same as her new neighbor, Noah. But they both went in the different direction. One immediately woke up wanting to destroy liberals and the other wanting to destroy conservatives.

They were driven to physical violence by way of smashing each other's cars in the morning.


Laurel is out with Agent Onofroio. they start talking work, exploding heads and stuff.

Gareth walks in with Misty the conservative newscaster. Gareth warns Laurel off of Anthony. They have words.

Laurel, Gustav and Rochelle figure out half the brains of the infected are missing. 

Gareth is just done having sex with Misty, shirtless, ready to fund Laurel's choral documentary. It's friggin' ridiculously sexy.

Noah goes to see Laurel. He's angry. About everything. And he aims to tell  her about it.

While visiting Gareth at his office, she notices Red is leaning to the right. Is he hard of hearing in one ear, too?

Then a commercial about blood pressure medication is on the air. Laurel is off. There is a connection. She knows it.

Laurel sees a $750.10 donation to her project. She smiles. She goes to see Gareth and thanks him.

When Laurel can't get her friend, Abby, to take a voluntary scan, they go to the FBI. 

Anthony has the 264 power to get her to do what's right for her even if she doesn't like it. And they talk about screw worms.

When Abby went to get her phone and her jacket to record every second of being impelled by Anthony, she dove headfirst off the balcony instead.

There is a unanimous consent vote being taken on the sequestration bill with only three people present, one of which is half dead. 

Red and Ella run out of the TV interview and to the subway, which is shutdown due to the federal government shutdown.

Luke opens the government again.

When they finally get there, Luke is threatened by Red. He's dead, he says.

Laurel asks Anthony about the torture report Gareth gave to her. Anthony says he's only in the report because he named names. He kisses Laurel when she apologizes. They both apologize a lot, she notes.

They sleep together. NO.

She goes out to the couch to watch news about the Government shutdown and notices that Jules and Noah are leading the same charge on different sides. 

She goes back to bed. Anthony is laying on one side. He can't hear her well out of his right ear. Close up on Laurel.

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Tony: Who's that? Old boyfriend?
Laurel: No, just some Republican I'm working with.

That's how we know who is infected. If they're deaf in one ear or off balance, they're probably missing half their brain.