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Damn. Anthony was infected while they slept. He washed her sheets in the middle of the night. 

Laurel asks him to go to a work function with her that night.

Luke is celebrating shutting down the shutdown.

A committee is trying to name a coffee kiosk after a devoted, fallen police officer named Ed Sharee. Red says it sounds too much like Sharia. Then they start arguing over whether it should be named after a women. When one starts doing something, Red shouts back. Someone else wonders if kiosk sounds too Russian.

I'd love to say they're all infested, but they're probably not.

The trio shares the info with Luke. 

Tony apparently has a girlfriend, one who is pounding on his door while hes laying on the floor with bacon on his face that Gustav put there to try to draw out screw worms.

Margo Martindale makes an appearance. She starts talking about infestation clusters.

Tony and Laurel talk. He thinks his life is spiraling out of control.

When Gustav and the etymologist go to the orchard, a bug crawled onto her backpack and into her ear.

People are making fun of Luke. His dad tells him the CDC lady, Polly, let the word out.

She's totally against the good guys now.

Tony, meanwhile, is bringing over the exact flowers that create crawly bugs, as well as pizza and love actually. He's so gross now. 

Anthony tries to force Laurel to accept the bugs, but she has brass knuckles and beats the poo out of him and shoves him out the door.

She's shaking as she runs hands over her bruised hand.

Gareth calls Laurel to talk about Luke allowing Red to take the credit for the drug trials. He recognizes something is wrong, but doesn't know what.

Gustav goes to see Laurel with mosquito netting and some homemade earmuffs. While she uses the netting, she foregoes the muffs, and Gustav finally figures out it's the cherry blossoms that carry the bugs.

It's too late. Laurel's been infiltrated.


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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Luke: Come on. Not everything's about politics, Red.
Red [snickers]: Even you don't believe that.

Come on. You don't like children. No one likes children.