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-Christian Beaumont makes s bomb out of a lightbulb and flour to escape the county courthouse. He then blows up a local post office.

-The team determine that Beaumont's plan is to honor the anniversary of the death of an anti-government extremist. 

-Beaumont's friend hacks the Marshals computer system. He then sends a bomb to Charlie's home. Charlie's wife escapes the bomb, sustaining minor injuries. Charlie chooses to go back to work to catch Beaumont.

-The team find Beaumont's hidden bunker containing blueprints and bomb supplies but Ray sets off a trip wire. Charlie is able to delay the bomb and he and Ray escape before the explosion.

-Lloyd determines that Beaumont is also out to honor his mother who was fired from her federal job after he was convicted. When he can't plant a bomb in the federal building, he plants it in the building next door.

-The bomb squad finds and dismantles the bomb. Charlie threatens to kill Beaumont for injuring his wife but Ray manages to talk him down. 

-Lloyd finds out that his mother has lied to him for years about his estranged father. Julianne tracks him down in Columbus, Ohio, not in Europe as his mother claims.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Do you strictly salsa or do you also lambada because I've got to tell you that dance is strictly forbidden.


Dude's like a folk hero for crazy crackers.