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-Carl McCann and Oliver Day escape from prison using a large inmate's oversized coffin and then take a prison guard hostage.  Oliver kills the guard.

-McCann pretends to be a salesman to gain access to a home.  They kill the homeowner, then steal his car and guns. 

-The team find the pair robbing a pharmacy and a shootout ensues. Charlie has heart problems, collapses and is grazed by a bullet to the leg.  The cons escape.

-When Ray calls Charlie out on his heart condition, Charlie tells him to mind his own business.

-Lloyd cracks a code McCann and Day used in prison and figures out they are looking for a former inmate, Stackhouse.

-Day told McCann that Stackhouse was hiding $100,000 but he lied. Day simply wanted revenge against Stackhouse for raping and torturing him in prison.

-The team captures McCann and Day at Stackhouse's residence before Day can kill the man.

-Ray offers a steak dinner to whoever does the best work on the case. He chooses Erica for backing him up in a firefight. Erica tears up the steak dinner coupon in front of Lloyd and Shea. She's a vegetarian. She never wanted the dinner.  She just wanted to win.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Is it just me or are white people getting faster?


I got 25 years. It's not an experiment. It's my life.