Breakout Kings Review: What's at Steak?

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With one bad decision, a life could be changed forever. This week the Breakout Kings team was faced with the consequences of their actions, both large and small.

It's been five years since Shea's had a steak dinner.

Suddenly "Steaks" were all this team could think about and Ray made a steak dinner the prize for whoever did the best job on the case. 

Mexican Standoff

When Julianne quipped that she should deprive herself of things so she'll enjoy them more Lloyd reminded her that he was well versed in deprivation. "I got 25 years. It's not an experiment. It's my life." 

It's the little things, the taste of real coffee, the smell of perfume, the view from a window, that Lloyd relished. Like the steak dinner, it's all a reminder of the freedom they've lost.

This week's escapees were two of my favorites because they epitomized where bad luck and poor judgement could lead. McCann's parents were killed.

He ended up in foster care and eventually began pulling off home invasions.

Oliver was a dumb kid who stole a car for a joy ride. When somebody died he ended up in prison where he was raped and tortured. A horrible accident, a poor decision, and a cruel turn of fate changed their lives forever.

Yet, every day offers a new road. McCann chose to escape. Oliver chose to kill the guard and the old man. 

Lloyd, Shea, and Erica have chosen to work with Ray and Charlie so that they get that cup of real coffee, another month off of their sentence and a chance at that steak dinner. Nonetheless, they're still cons. Ray and Charlie didn't trust Shea when he pointed out that the guns were missing but I must say that his self pat down to prove he didn't take them was hilarious. 

I thought Erica ripping up the coupon in front of Lloyd and Shea was almost cruel. I know she won but I felt for the boys. And although I agreed with Ray's assessment of Erica as the winner, I couldn't fault Shea for hesitating at the pharmacy. Those fugitives were armed. They'd already killed two people. A steak dinner or a month off of your sentence isn't very useful if you're dead.

Dealing with the consequences wasn't only happening to the cons. Charlie's heart condition came into play when he all but collapsed during a shootout. It figured that one of the those annoying singing Santa's would push his heart over the edge. 

Charlie could have easily been killed but he continued to put himself in harms way despite his physical limitations. As Ray pointed out, that kind of decision puts his partner at risk too. Unfortunately for Ray, being a con himself, he's not left with many options.

With so much to lose, every member of this team has something at stake.  It's what keeps me tuning in for more.

Steaks Review

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