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-Carmen Vega kills her son and uses his funeral to escape. Vega knows Shea is working with the Marshals and kidnaps his girlfriend, Vanessa.

-Vega is setting up her younger son, Cesar to take over her drug cartel. 

-Shea finds a link to Carmen in a man known as the Mayor. He points them to Cesar's father, Jose. Carmen kills Jose before they can get to him.

-The Mayor and two Marshals are shot and killed. Turns out Carmen has an inside man in the Marshals service who kills himself once he's caught.

-Erica panics and thinks her daughter may be the next target. She considers running and tries to convince Lloyd to go with her.

-With the lead from some text messages, the team captures Carmen but she won't give up Vanessa, even to help Cesar. Cesar hears her betrayal and turns on her.

-Julianne pleads with Erica and Lloyd not to run. Ray and Charlie place their families into protective custody. Charlie brings Vanessa back to Shea. Carmen is sentenced to a supermax prison in Colorado.  The team shares some beers and enjoys their success.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

For a traumatized Asian stripper she seemed really reliable.


We just put our fates in the hands of an ex-gangbanger convict.