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In Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 18, Jake reveals that he has dinner plans with his father, airline pilot Captain Roger Peralta.  Charles, knowing Jake’s history with his father, cautions Jake about being too accepting and inviting to Captain Peralta.
Captain Peralta arrives and goes out to dinner with Jake, after impressing the precinct with his storytelling skills, which are very similar to Jake’s. However, at dinner, he reveals that the reason he’s in town is to get his son’s help in clearing his name from a drug smuggling charge in Canada.
Jake and Charles get the go-ahead from Captain Holt to investigate, and they fly to Quebec, Canada with Scully as their French translator. Jake and Charles obtain pilot’s costumes, go undercover, and discover that the actual perpetrator was Roger Peralta’s jilted girlfriend.
His name cleared, Roger Peralta ditches Jake at their celebration of the successful investigation. Jake then confronts Roger, telling him not to bother contacting him until he’s ready to be a decent father. He returns to the celebrations at the bar, where Captain Holt tells him that he’s proud of him.
In the meantime, Captain Holt brings a brain teaser for the rest of the precinct to solve, an island escape puzzle, with Beyoncé concert tickets as a prize.  Amy, believing that she and Terry are superior at puzzles, bets Rosa and Gina that her pairing with Terry will be victorious.
However, Gina and Rosa figure out that Holt himself didn’t know the answer to the puzzle, and that the puzzle was given to him by his commanding officer. Gina, furthermore, encourages Holt to stand up for himself without needing to solve the puzzle. 
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