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On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 19, Jake Peralta is having a bad week, with a string of bad luck. The power to his place goes out and resets his alarm clock, his car runs out of gas, and his laundry is stolen.  However, when a urine drug screen comes back positive for cocaine and crystal meth, Jake is convinced he's being sabotaged.

Captain Holt suspends Jake as per protocol, but assigns Rosa and Amy to his case. However, given Jake's history of irresponsibility, they don't take his claims of a saboteur seriously.  When Jake storms away from them in anger, he gets kidnapped by Jeffery Hoytzman (guest star Chris Parnell), and attorney he arrested for drugs.

Hoytzman, angry at Jake for ruining his life, holds Jake in captivity for hours and gets him to confess to every crime and terrible thing that Hoytzman was accused of, before threatening to kill him.  However, before he gets the chance to, he is apprehended by Rosa and Amy.

Meanwhile, because of Jake's suspension, Scully and Hitchcock are assigned to work with Charles on and extortion case.  Much to Charles' surprise, they solved the case by doing fantastic detective work, and reveal that they purposely pretend to be incompetent so as not to be assigned more cases.

Terry and Captain Holt have their own problems, as Terry lies to Gina about their attendance at her dance recital, and Holt exposes the lie.  When Holt tells Gina that her dancing is a hobby and not a profession, Gina decides to give up dancing. Holt and Terry, unable to watch Gina that despondent, come to a compromise, as Holt hires Gina for a gig so that he can call her a professional.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Rosa: You never told me Sinbad lived in your building.
Jake: If Sinbad lived in my building, I'd have a tattoo on my head that said "Sinbad lives in my building".

Please go to charisma school!