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On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 3, Jake has a major drug bust, but scares the rest of the group when he brings a tarantula to the precinct.

While Jake and Charles wait for a case hearing, they run into a woman, Genevieve, who seems like Charles' perfect match. Jake encourages Charles to ask her out, but it turns out that she was on trial, and got sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Charles has a hunch that Genevieve was set up, and he and Jake decide to investigate. Genevieve's ex-boyfriend is a suspect, but his alibi checks out. Making matters worse, they find a storage locker belonging to Genevieve full of stolen art. Charles gives up on the case, but Jake continues to investigate and finds the real perpetrator.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Terry believe that Hitchcock and Scully have been stealing people's desserts, and set out to find proof. However, Hitchcock and Scully admit to nothing, and make their case incredibly difficult.

Captain Holt is trying to improve the police department's public image, and decides to ask Amy to be the first face of his campaign. Gina tries to convince Holt that the campaign is a bad idea, but Holt dismisses her input. However, Gina turns out to be right, and Holt is forced to end his campaign and do something new.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

It's horrifying from everywhere. Terry hates creepy crawlies.


Jake: It's a tarantula! I call him Jake Jr, a.k.a. Spidey Klum, a.k.a. Mrs Doubtspider, a.k.a. Joe Spiden, a.k.a. Tarantula Bassett, a.k.a. Spidermot Mulroney.
Charles: a.k.a. Tarantulina Jolie.
Jake: Charles, have you seen it? That's a terrible name.