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Jake convinces Amy to go to dinner with her mother and least favorite brother David.

Boyle auditions Captain Holt and Terry to go undercover and find out the name of a supplier. 

While they're at dinner, David continues to show Amy up and Camila is boosting his ego. Jake pretends to choke but David ends up "saving" him instead of Amy. 

A group of cops come in and arrest David for cocaine possession. 

Amy is excited about her brother getting arrested, but Jake convinces her that they need to go bail him out. 

Boyle picks Captain Holt for the role and Terry is upset. Boyle later sends in Terry into the holding room as well. 

After they bail him out, David tells Jake and Amy that he the cocaine wasn't his and he is being framed. 

Jake convinces Amy to help her brother with the case but they end up in a crazy dance competition. Amy hits her head and gets a mild concussion. 

Despite finding the evidence they were looking for Jake gets taken by a group of men. Amy gives up her shot to be the hero in order to save Jake. 

Boyle takes things too far and Terry accidentally reveals that he's a cop.

Boyle's plan was always to send Rosa in as Holt and Terry were just meant to be a distraction. Rosa gets the dealer to tell her his supplier. 

Jaky, Amy, David, and Camila go back out to dinner.

Amy tells Jake that the only thing she cares about is him being safe, but Jake already told off David so the two flee the restaurant. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Amy: Come on. Let's go help the bastard.
Jake: Don't love how we got here, but we're going where I want!

I spent my whole life trying to beat David at something. But when you were in danger I just didn't care anymore. All I wanted was for you to be okay. I may never have the mantel, but it doesn't matter. Because I have you.