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Captain Holt hires Seargent Knox who discovers that someone is trying to break into the precinct's server.

If they wipe the server, every perpetrator arrested in the last four months awaiting trial would be set free. They discover that the hacker is in the building and they only have 15 minutes to shut them down. 

The squad splits up and searches different floors. Amy rushes to make it there from the dentist. 

Jocelyn shows up to break up with Rosa. Rosa asks Jocelyn to wait so she can find the hacker.

Hitchcock and Scully call Jake in panic over their lasagna. 

Rosa claims that she only wants to get Jocelyn to stay with her so that later on she can do the dumping. 

Amy is stressed out about missing out on work so she runs to the precinct and makes Jake keep her on a video call. 

The hacker manages to open the holding cell and let everyone out. 

While trying to get everyone back in the holding cell, Rosa admits to Jake that she loves Jocelyn and wants her back for real. Rosa chases her outside as she's trying to leave. 

Amy shows up just in time to help, and Seargent Knox sends them to an empty room. They discover that Knox is the criminal.

Knox holds Captain Holt at gunpoint, but they manage to arrest him.

Jocelyn stays with Rosa because she realizes how much she cares about her. 

For the first time ever, Hitchcock and Scully eat their lasagna without garlic bread. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Holt: You need to focus because time is running out.
Jake: Oh yeah, that's what the F I'm talking about.

Rosa, come on. You can't break a mouse in half. Oh wow, you did. Scary. You really earned your rep.