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Captain Holt creates a high-five with everyone in the office but Jake. 

Kevin asks for Jake's help with a burglary case at the University but asks him not to tell Holt.

Terry and Amy each take half of the precint out to lunch to raise moral, and end up in a competition. 

Holt finds Kevin and Jake together and realizes what is going on. Kevin and Holt have a fight. 

Jake tries to help Holt prove to the Dean of the University how intelligent he is, but he ends up embarassing himself. 

Amy is picked as the winner for best lunch. 

The Dean tells Jake and Holt that a janitor named Randy has found the criminal. The Dean then proceeds to make fun of Holt. 

Jake and Holt grow suspicious and follow the Dean, and realize his froot print matches the one from the scene of the crime. 

Terry and Amy take their lunch battle too far, and Amy accidentally shoots Gary with a paintball gun. 

When Jake and Holt accuse Dean of the crime, he reveals that everyone in the department wears the same shoes. 

Terry and Amy apologize to their squads and buy noise cancelling headphones for everyone in the briefing room. 

With Jake's help, Holt realizes that the janitor, Randy, was the criminal all along. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Charles: Your yogurt's spoiled.
Terry: Who did this?!

When a case involves me, he can get a little overemotional.