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New captain, Julie Kim, arrives. She seems perfect. Jake and Holt believe she's too good to be true.

Charles reinvents himself by wearing a leather jacket and acting tough to impress the new captain.

Jake makes it his mission to get rid of Captain Kim out of loyalty to Holt.

Kim gets along great with everyone, which only makes Jake and Holt more suspicious.

Kim offers to put Jake in contact with a friend from the FBI to be an NYPD liaison.

Kim invites the precinct to a party at her house. Jake and Holt attend to spy on her. Amy tells them to not ruin the party and keeps them on a short leash.

There seems to be something there for everyone: Hitchcock and Scully sit in perfect chairs, Terry meets with a representative from the best elementary school in Brooklyn, Holt's favorite dessert is being served.

Using that to his advantage, Jake distracts Amy with a woman who invented a new type of binder.

Terry comes face to face with a man he put in prison ten years prior who is now working for the catering company at the party. He thinks he's poisoning him, but he really just wanted to prove to him that he's changed.

Boyle gets hit on by a beautiful woman while wearing his jacket. Her boyfriend comes to him crying and asking for advice on how to be more like him. Charles gives him the jacket.

Unfortunately the jacket was what was making Charles cool and he loses that almost immediately after giving it up.

Holt and Jake see Kim lock a room with a key. They assume she's hiding a secret in there so Holt causes a distraction by throwing himself down the stairs.

It turns out the only thing behind the door was a pitbull who gets skittish in crowds. He causes a lot of damage throughout the house and ruins Scully's favorite chair. 

After realizing Jake was snooping when he let out the dog, Kim admits she transferred to their precinct because she admired Holt and all he went through to become a captain. She only had good attentions. 

However, after the way she was treated by Holt and Jake she decides to leave the precinct without a captain again. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

I was the first female Asian-American captain in the NYPD. My guilty pleasure is charity work, and what do I do for fun? Well, basically just design and build skateparks for marginalized communities.

Captain Kim

Terry: Working with the FBI? That's your dream job, Jake!
Jake: First of all, my dream job is spy, falsely accused of betraying his country, forced to work alone to clear his name by taking down the mysterious organization that framed him, known only as Shade.