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Hitchcock and Scully are inside the building when it's being fumigated. Scully passes out.

Kevin makes an appearance at the Nine-Nine. Cheddar was kidnapped, and Jake's on the case! 

Amy enters an endurance competiton to win her dream stroller. 

The kidnapper calls Holt, but he angers them and they hang up. 

Terry is in pain, and Charles offers to help him with his homemade bone broth.

The kidnapper wants a copy of all the files in the precinct from May of 2004.

Jake and Kevin go back to the park where Cheddar was kidnapped. 

Rosa accompanies Amy to the stroller competition. Amy's ex, Teddy, is also competing. Pregnant women aren't allowed to compete, so Rosa offers to take part on her behalf.  

Holt gets a lead on the kidnapper. He thinks it's a former gang member who just got released from prison. In May of 2004 an unidentified informant put him there.

Holt and Jake try to trace the license plate of the car the kidnapper drove away in, but hit a dead end.

Back in the stroller store, the contest has already last five hours. Teddy is acting so boring that people are quitting the competition to get away from him.

The kidnapper requests Kevin meet with him, but Holt refuses to put Kevin at risk. Jake goes undercover as Kevin, but his cover his quickly blown. He's able to free Cheddar, but gets kidnapped himself.

After twenty hours, Rosa loses the contest. Teddy offers Amy the stroller by proposing to her, again.

Terry decides to go into business with Charles and his bone broth. He calls an investor friend, but tampers with the recipe and ruins the opportunity.

Charles sells the domain "workplacebonebuzz" to another friend of Terry's, after spending eleven thousand dollars on it to market the broth.

Jake is rescued by Holt, who fights away the kidnapper in the longest action sequence ever.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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