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In June 2020, Rosa approached Jake and Charles, needing to talk to them. Jake and Charles showed Rosa "the COVID high five," a new way to high-five each other during a pandemic. Rosa says she's resigning from the force, which leads to chaos in the precinct.

In the present day, Holt is toasting to Amy, who is returning from maternity leave. Amy asks what happened while she was gone. Charles has learned about systemic racism through podcasts. They discuss Rosa's reason for quitting. Jake promises to give everyone one thousand dollars if Rosa does not show up, but he changes his mind when she does.

Jake approaches Rosa, and they talk about her new job. She tells him about a recent case she's working on. Jake offers his help, and Rosa agrees.

Jake meets Rosa and her client. Before their meeting, Rosa tells him not to act too much like a cop. They walk in, and Jake introduces himself awkwardly. Ms. Fulton tells Jake and Rosa what happened to her. Jake promises to give Ms. Fulton justice, but she seems doubtful.

Amy collects Terry's book from him. He's in a sour mood because he ran into Charles at his barbershop. Charles went there to support black businesses, but Terry is annoyed because his barbershop is the one place he can go to clear his mind. Charles acts annoyingly sympathetic toward Terry, which angers him even more.

Jake and Rosa meet with the captain of the 74. She is not very helpful but gives them a name, Officer Lee, to help corroborate Ms. Fulton's story. Jake and Rosa go to this person's apartment, but Officer O'Sullivan, a pro-NYPD officer, intercepts them and does not allow them to talk to Officer Lee.

Amy approaches Holt using one of the tactics from Terry's romance book. Holt thinks she joined a cult, so Amy confronts him about their dynamic. Holt agrees to do the exercises from the book so that Amy will go back to work.

After leaving Officer Lee's place, Jake and Rosa talk about the police assault. Rosa deduces that O'Sullivan saw the footage from the officer's body camera before tampering with it. Rosa suggests breaking into the police union to steal the original footage. Jake is reluctant, so he suggests knocking on people's doors to ask for information instead. However, no one is willing to speak to a cop.

Terry asks Charles if he transferred ten thousand dollars to his Venmo account. Charles insists it was for reparations, but he freaks out when he finds out he accidentally sent ten thousand dollars instead of one hundred dollars.

Jake and Rosa discuss the case, which leads them to discuss their friendship. Jake tells Rosa how he feels about her quitting the force, and Rosa explains why she did it and that it had nothing to do with him. They both get upset, and Rosa walks away.

Rosa approaches Scully for help, and he promises not to tell anyone. Hitchcock also agrees since he is FaceTiming Scully from Brazil. Scully gives Rosa instructions on how to break into O'Sullivan's office.

While Rosa is in O'Sullivan's office, he walks back in, forcing her to hide under his desk.

Amy suggests getting into a hobby Holt is interested in. Holt has been testing his blood levels recently because of COVID, so Amy tests hers as well. After the test, Holt insists their dynamic is back to normal, but Amy does not think so and suggests more activities. Eventually, Holt gets fed up with the exercises.

O'Sullivan approaches his desk, but a stranger interrupts him to report an incident. The stranger is Jake undercover. O'Sullivan walks back out, and Rosa takes the opportunity to transfer the body camera footage onto a USB before successfully escaping O'Sullivan's office.

Charles approaches Terry and confesses about the ten thousand dollars being a mistake. Terry admits he knew all along and was messing with him. Terry gives Charles advice on how to be a better ally.

Jake leaves the police union building forty-five minutes later. Rosa thanks him for stepping in.

Jake and Rosa bring the footage to the 74 Captain. She erases it and refuses to consider firing the officers, going on a tangent on what would happen if she did. Jake and Rosa eventually leave.

Amy walks into Holt's office to apologize. Holt explains he made small talk because he was trying to avoid his personal life since he and Kevin had separated.

Jake and Rosa tell Ms. Fulton they got the charges dropped, but the cops that assaulted her will not face the consequences. Ms. Fulton thanks Rosa only and leaves disappointed. Jake apologizes to Rosa for projecting his insecurities onto her regarding being a cop. She accepts his apology, and the episode ends with them standing in awkward silence.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Episode 1 Quotes

Holt: Do you know why I engaged in small talk with you earlier?
Amy: Because small talk is for strangers and con men, and that's what I am to you now -- a stranger.
Holt: No. I -- I did it because I am a con man. I was trying to con you into believing everything is normal with me when it is not. Kevin and I have separated.
Amy: Oh my god. Why?
Holt: It's been a tough year being a Black man. And a police captain. And a human. I've been pushed to the brink emotionally and physically. I went into survival mode, and it seems I have neglected my personal life.
Amy: Does anyone else know?
Holt: Not here. I have successfully hidden it for months. Not very well, I might add. I made small talk with Peralta on five separate occasions, and he never even batted an eye; he just blabbered on about someone named Wario.
Amy: Ugh, yeah, he does that.
Holt: But you... you noticed that something was off with me the very first day you returned. That just shows how well you know me. And while I'm not yet ready to talk about it, it's nice feeling like I'm not alone anymore. And that's thanks to you, Ramy.
Amy: Just so you know, I am not Ramy; we are Ramy.
Holt; Just be glad I said it.
Amy: Totally. Yes, I am. Thank you, sir.

Terry: Setting up a new business takes time. She's probably too busy to see friends.
Jake: And yet I have time to see my friends, and to be a father, and do my job, and straight-up crush it at Goat Simulator on my switch.
Amy: That's not something to be proud of.
Jake: Being a father is not something to be proud of, Ames? Wow, you've changed dude.