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Kitty has already begun fundraising for her campaign for Robert's vacated U.S. Senate seat. She hasn't yet told the family, though.

At dinner, she finally tells them and they are all just dumbfounded. The group decides to anonymously vote on it.

Everyone votes yes, except one. Who was the lone "no" vote?

Scotty is frightened that his restaurant may close. He plans a fundraising event there and Nora is helping out as a guest chef.

Robert is not happy about the "no" vote and he goes to Nora to discuss it. She says the vote wasn't hers. Yeah, right!

When he finds out that Scotty's other guest chef, the mayor, won't be coming for his event, Robert volunteers.

As Nora and Robert are preparing the meal, he can't drop the "no" vote.

Sarah is trying to have a "grown up" relationship with Roy, but the rest of the family thinks it's weird they haven't had sex yet.

On a date later, Sarah and Roy decide to stop going so slow and end up at a motel. Then she gets a text - from Luc! So excited.

Sarah decides not to give up on the reality of Roy for the fantasy of Luc.

Kevin's 20-year high school reunion is coming up, but he doesn't want to go.

The family is trying to convince Kevin he should go to the reunion. Kitty ends up convincing him to go, promising that she'll be his date.

At the reunion, Kitty ends up being recognized right away. Kevin surprisingly ends up running into an old friend, who he had a crush on.

Kevin ends up trying to impress the guy with his success since high school and lets it loose he might be a father soon.

The guy ends up announcing it to the room. Jinxed, he soon finds out that the implantation didn't take.

Kevin's high school crush also lets it slip to Kitty that he and Kevin rigged the election so she would lose the high school presidency.

Instead of going off on Kevin, Kitty goes off on the guy, defending Kevin. Later, Kevin admits that he was the "no" vote not Nora.

He voted no, because he didn't want to be Kitty's campaign manager and be engrossed in politics even more.

After Robert finds out Kevin voted no, he apologizes to Nora. She says she still felt like voting no. She's really worried for Kitty.

Holly seems still set on selling her shares in Ojai, but she's sure they're worth more than what Dennis has offered her.

She's trying to stall while she figures out what that may be. David tells her that she's really hung up on William Walker still and the company she has no business being a part of in the first place.

Rebecca comes over and catches David packing. Looks like he has taken a gig in Belize and will be gone for three months.

After she tells her mother, Holly isn't willing to chase after him.

When she meets up with Dennis, he tries to make a deal to exchange information and more - he makes a pass at her and she just sits there.

Why didn't she let him have it? When she gets back home, David is still there and he proposes.

The question remains: Did she sleep with Dennis?

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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

If you ever call my brother a "fag" again ... I will have you killed.


[on Roy] He's never seen Spinal Tap.