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Lauren Caffrey, a cheerleader and the fiancee of Jules Caffey, a famous defense attorne, is drowned in their bathtub and Jules is the main suspect. Jules Caffrey announces on TV that he’s hired Dr. Jason Bull, even though he hasn’t. Bull is ticked off but he still takes the case. Bull believes he’s innocent.

Benny lost to Jules more than once in court. Bull wants Jules to defend himself in court. Bull and Jules argue over the type of jury they should have and Jules doesn’t listen to Bull’s advice. Later, Bull realizes that Jules’ showmanship may be working with the jury better than he expected.

The prosecution paints Jules to be an abusive husband, but although his three ex-wives don’t like him, they all admit that he never physically hurt them. 

In the end, it turns out that Lauren was a grifter who was playing Jules, and her own brother killed her. 

Cable’s boyfriend, Wes, sends her two gifts and the TAC’s receptionist makes Cable suspect that he’s sending the gifts because he’s cheating. Turns out that Wes is gaming again, but Cable joins in instead of getting angry.  



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Bull Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Bull: You really like to refer to yourself in the third person, don't you, Jules?
Jules: A lot of people do that.
Bull: The only ones who do it more than you are Donald Trump and Elmo.

Bull: You don't get my help by lying about hiring me.
Jules: Got you here, didn't it?
Bull: Yeah, well so would a text with a smiley face emoji. You pull that crap again and I'll be on Gail King saying how you did hire me but I quit because I couldn't believe how guilty I found you.