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Dr. Amy Levin, the head of Forensic Psychiatry, ask Jason Bull to consult on the case of Troy Dickerson. Troy was a student at Lamanci Academy, an alternative learning center, but Bull considers it a cult. Troy bludgeoned his father to death with a golf club while at a the golf range. The assault is on video, but Troy doesn’t recall a thing. 

Bull believes Troy was brainwashed into killing his father and decides to take on the case. He wants Reed Kenwood as their defense attorney instead of Benny because he still doesn’t think that Benny’s head is in the game.

Chunk infiltrates Lumansic as a new member to gain information about them but Thornton finds out who he is and kicks him out.

Troy had a one on one meeting with Thorton Gray, the founder of Lumansic, every Thursday night. He canceled that meeting at the last minute to meet his dad for golf. Bull wonders if Troy was actually hypnotized to kill Thorton instead. 

Turns out that Thorton’s daughter, Rachel, was upset that her father wouldn’t expand the business. She hypnotized Troy to kill her father by triggering him with his cell phone. Unfortunately she didn’t know that Troy was with his own father instead. While Rachel is on the stand, Reed has the judge make her use her cell phone to call Troy’s phone, which is in evidence. When Troy here’s the musical ring tone, he tries to strangle Bull who is next to him. The jury finds Troy not guilty. 


Benny eventually comes clean with Bull about being investigated by the US Attorneys office for putting Hayden Watkins in prison for murder nine years ago and that DNA evidence has since proven his innocence. Benny admits he was told that there was another possible suspect but he believed Hayden was guilty. Bull tells Benny he’s not alone in this and if they are coming for him, they have to get through Bull first. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Cable: I saw a hypnotist at a magic show once and he told me that no one will ever do anything that they don't want to do.
Bull: And that is why we don't base our defense on magic shows, Cable. The human mind is pliable and what we want can be manipulated depending on the vulnerability of the subject and the skills of the hypnotist.

Bull: What's this?
Benny: What's it look like?
Bull: A midlife crisis.
Benny: I didn't question you when you got a Bentley.
Bull: Well, that's because my midlife crisis came with airbags.