Liberty vs. Bull
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Governor Whitfield is killed when both his primary and backup parachutes fail to deploy during a team building jump. Walter Hyland, owner of Hyland Skydiving, tried to rescue him and also died. 

Addison Whitfield the governor’s widow, sues Hyland Skydiving for wrongful death. Liberty takes her case, while Bull decides to represent Hyland Skydiving, putting them on opposite sides.   

Danny finds out from her FBI source, Ricky, that there was an FBI investigation of Governor Whitfield and his staff for corruption. Ricky tells her that the information is classified and cannot be used, but Bull decides to use it anyway in court. Ricky is upset that Danny didn’t even give him a heads up. She later apologizes and admits that she and her boyfriend, Gabe have broken up. 

Turns out that then Lt. Governor, now Governor, Jared Aiken, found out that Whitfield was having an affair with his wife, leaving the jury to wonder if he could have tried to kill Whitfield. Liberty is furious that Bull would float such speculation to the jury. 

The airport was expanding and would not be renewing Hyland Skydiving’s lease. When Jared Aiken took office, he changed the zoning so that the expansion wouldn’t happen. Liberty theorizes that Walter Hyland sabotaged the Governer’s parachute, then changed his mind at the last moment and tried to save him. 

It was Max Hyland, Walter’s brother and the company business manager, murdered the governor in order to save the business. Max says that Walt blamed him for them losing their lease and fired him after 22 years of service. Max knew it was the governor’s fault for changing the zoning rules and frayed his parachute cords. Max turns himself in. 


Bull asks the governor’s widow to drop the suit against Hyland Skydiving for Dylan, Walter’s daughter’s, sake. Although she’s angry at Bull for everything he dredged up during the trial, she agrees.

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Bull Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

A popular US governor died. Maybe he wasn't popular with everyone.


Marisa: Sometimes in David versus Goliath, David deserves to lose.
Bull: I'll call the author of the Bible and tell him you have a few notes on one of his stories.