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Erin Howland lost her savings in a stock scam. Erin is Chunk’s nephew’s fifth grade teacher. The scam was run out of Brannigan Trust bank and TAC finds over 4,000 other people who were scammed. They file a class action suit but Marissa is worried that they are betting the future of the firm on this case. 

Benny is being investigated for prosecutorial misconduct when a murder case he prosecuted nine years ago is over turned. He doesn’t tell Bull, but it’s obvious something is wrong as it shakes his confidence on this case. 

Benny and Erin grow closer and kiss, but Benny backs off, deciding this isn’t a good time for him to start a relationship.

When their key witness, Sophia Dern, one of the stock brokers, fails to show up for court, Bull tracks her down at the high-end car dealership where she’s working, takes a test drive and drives her to court. 

One juror, Larry, is a hold out because he doesn’t believe he can be scammed. Bull makes a deal with Sophia to show him that he’s wrong. Unfortunately the judge sees Sophia and Larry talking and is furious but keeps Larry on the jury. Later, Bull buys a Bentley from Sophia.


TAC wins it’s case and the victims all get their settlement. Bull encourages Erin to go after what she wants. She picks up a bottle of champagne and shows up on Benny’s doorstep. He immediately kisses her. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Marissa: We could lose millions.
Bull: We could win millions.
Marissa: Exactly, all or nothing. You'd be betting the future of the firm on one case.

Bull: Why would you trust a stranger with your entire life savings?
Erin: He wasn't a stranger. He worked at my bank.