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Andrew Withrow, a billionaire who builds skyscrapers is facing manslaughter charges after a walkway between two buildings collapses, killing 15 people. 

When Withrow hears that the US Attorney has hired Jason Bull to help the prosecution, he hires Diana Lindsay, Bull’s nemesis who was the first attorney to beat him years ago in Texas. 

The TAC’s power is turned off and their key cards won’t work in the elevators. Turns out the Andrew Withrow owns their building. The team also believes that Withrow plans to place the blame for using the cheaper materials which caused the collapse onto his project manager, Sean Lahiri. Lahiri tells Danni that he informed Withrow about the flaw but he did nothing. After the collapse, they paid Lahiri a $200,000 bonus to keep his mouth shut, but he can’t live with the nightmares. 

Sean Lahiri testifies in court and later that day, Withrow agrees to take a plea deal, but before the deal can be submitted to the judge, Sean is found dead from an apparent suicide. Withrow backs out of the plea deal and the judge tells the jury they must disregard Lahiri’s testimony since the defense never had the opportunity to cross examine him. 

Cable uncovers the actuarial tables that Winthrow had drawn up that showed the cost of liability if the walkway collapsed versus the cost rebuilding. The cost of liability was less. The jury finds him guilty.

Andrew Withrow vows to appeal but Diana says she won’t represent him. Withrow says his grounds for appeal will be that she was colluding with Jason Bull on the case. Deciding that if they’re going to be accused of having an affair, they might as well do it, Diana invites Bull to dinner at her place. He accepts. 

The US Attorney’s office is opening up an investigation into Benny Colon concerning the murder case of Hayden Watkins from eight years ago. 



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Bull Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

New York City isn't Callisto, Texas. You're on my turf this time.


Chunk: This game is an insult to football.
Bull: Maybe the way you play it.