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Tamsin was arrested for revealing classified information. Bull was reeled in to help her. She revealed that she was told she caused the death of her colleagues.

Bull questioned why she was not sent down for murder and was told to leave it when he took it to one of the jurors. 

Benny was taken to see classified information and Bull was upset it was not shared with him. 

Marissa discovered that the juror profiles she shared with Bull had been tampered with, and the TAC was hacked. Cable cut the data connection. 

Bull got the truth from Benny without him confirming it. Tamsin leaked a redacted file that did not give away classified information. 

Globespill were the ones who changed the file. Benny revealed the truth in court and was arrested by the FBI.

Tamsin used a story about her friend being murdered to prove she was not a spy, but she was still charged on one count out of four. 

She was sentenced to twelve years inside, but Bull got the colonel to step in. He managed to get the sentence reduced to just one year because he felt she was not bad. 

Bull traded the FBI Globespills files for Benny's freedom. 

Benny received a letter saying he was under investigation. 


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Bull Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

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Tamsin: So you're using the jury profiles to manipulate the jury?
Bull: To profile the jury.