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Gavin Everton wants his daughter Leila’s fiance, Richard to be prosecuted for Leila’s murder. They believe that Richard was only after her money. They’re willing to pay Bull and his team a hefty fee for their help at getting Richard convicted. 

Richard was seen chasing Leila out of a gala after they’d had an argument. Later she was found dead in an alley and he was picked up disoriented on a park bench with her blood on his shirt. After being interrogated for 11 hours straight, Richard confessed to the murder as he begged to be given water. Bull decides to forgo the Everton’s payday for the case, and work for Richard, pro bono instead. 

Bull decides that they need to destroy Richard’s confession. He was in a fog, and felt guilty for arguing with Leila and letting her run off alone. When the Everton’s realize that Bull is helping Richard, Gavin punches him out side the courthouse. 

Marisa devises a coercion coefficient to determine which possible jurors are most susceptible to being coerced and therefore, can understand how Richard confessed to the crime, even though he’s innocent. 

Turns out that Leila was cleaning up broken glass and got her blood on Richard’s shirtsleeve. They also find a piece of a cheap cufflink hidden in the crevice of the dumpster in the alley where she was killed. 

At trial, they show the four techniques Det. Murphy used to get Richard to falsely confess. They also find out that he used a criminal informant to gain information about the crime to feed to Richard.

During the trial, there are at least three jurors who still don’t believe they would give a false confession under any circumstance. Bull and his team set it up so that they are trapped in an elevator stuck between floors. They panic when the elevator feels like it might fall. When they hear it may be hours before maintenance can get to them, they lie and say someone on the elevator is having a heart attack. When they get out moments later, they say it was a false alarm.

The jury later finds Richard not guilty. Bull and his team continue to investigate and find out that the cufflink belonged to one of Richard’s friends, Dominck, who had a previous sexual assault charge that was later dropped. Dominick was also Det. Murphy’s criminal informant. The detective gets Dominck to confess to killing Leila in under an hour. 


The Everton’s are so grateful that the real killer was found that they send Dr. Bull his full fee. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Even when they know they're innocent, sixty percent of people will end up confessing if they're told there's overwhelming evidence against them.


Bull: If you just murdered someone would you go sleep on a park bench?
Marisa: It's hard to say, I've never murdered anyone but don't push me.