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Adam Bunson, the CEO of Ejetto technologies is run over by his own self driving car. The car’s program is called EJ and its creator, Ginny Bretton, claims that Adam bypassed security protocols and that’s what caused that malfunction that killed him. Adam’s wife says the program is at fault and is suing Ginny. Ginny hires Bull and his team to take her case. 

Cable figures out that Adam skipped the security protocols and overloaded the system because he was in a rush to get home to watch a soccer game. 

Carter, a fellow programer who didn’t like Adam, is an addict who had his security clearance on EJ pulled a year ago. Ginny swears he’s innocent but then she runs to Carter’s house and asks him what the hell has he done.

Turns out that before his security clearance was revoked, Carter wrote a back door code into the program so that it could be hacked into. Cable believes this is what was used to kill Adam. When they go to find Carter, they find him overdosed in his car. It appears to be suicide but Bull doesn’t believe he would have buckled his seatbelt if he meant to kill himself. 

During the trial, it comes out that EJ has an algorithm that will choose to save the most lives if a collision is unavoidable. If EJ has one passenger and the car is headed towards a fallen tree with a car with two passengers on the right and a car with three passengers on the left, EJ will hit the tree, possibly killing its own passenger because that will kill the least amount of people. The jury is horrified that the car program could willingly kill it’s own passenger instead of trying to save him. 

Turns out that ten years ago that Ginny was driving her teenaged boyfriend, Evan Johnson (EJ) home when they got into a car accident and Evan died in her arms. She’s felt guilty ever since but she refuses to testify that Carter hacked EJ. 

Bull and Ginny take a ride in EJ and the car tries to run them into the river. Cable is able to stop the car remotely but the incident pushes Ginny to testify that EJ was hacked by Carter. Later, Ginny realizes that Bull had Cable in control of the car the entire time. 

The jury finds Ginny’s company not liable but Bull and his team find evidence that the CFO, Dean Poole, used Carter and Adam to create and upload the back door hacking program, then killed them both to cover his tracks. Poole planned on selling the information to a competitor to make money. He is arrested just as the trial ends. 

Ginny decides to quit on EJ and move on to another project. Bull contemplates the loose ends in his own life and calls Amy. 




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Bull Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

She's a marshmallow. Loopy. A half finished sentence next to a half eaten bowl of Count Chocula.


A little loopy is nice, it's endearing, takes the edge off the CEO stereotype, but too loopy looks incompetent and likely to make mistakes.