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Benny’s former boss and the former detective who worked the Hayden Watkins case ask Benny to lunch. Benny has Bull come with him. But it’s all a set up and Benny is arrested by the FBI.

When Benny was prosecuting the original case, Hayden was the main suspect in a series of murders done by the “Socialite Slayer.” As the bodies had mostly decomposed, there wasn’t much evidence linking to Hayden but they did find the contact lens from one of the victim’s, Tinsley Browning, in Hayden’s apartment. 

At the time, the DNA test used five marker, and three were a match. When the Rectitude Project reviewed the case, the new DNA test used 50 markers and found that only 14 were a match. 

In a surprising turn, Benny is not only charged with obstruction of justice for failure to disclose exculpatory evidence, but also a violation for civil rights for tampering with evidence. The former could have him serving ten years on prison. 

Bull hires J.P. Nunnelly, a self proclaimed fixer to defend Benny. She gets him a deal but Benny refuses to take it because he would have to admit to planting evidence and he is innocent. Also, in doing so, he would be allowing Hayden Watkins to walk free and he still believes the man is guilty. Hayden had actually confessed to the killings but he recanted and it was considered inadmissible because another detective punched Hayden during the interrogation. 

J.P. agrees to represent Benny at trial but will only do so if Bull will work on three of her cases in the future. Bull agrees. 

The former lead detective on the case, Wilson Jessup, encourages Benny to just take the deal. Benny’s former boss is now the prosecutor. They want to prove that Benny planted evidence because it will take the spotlight off of the new DNA test which could be used to overturn other cases. 


J.P. is able to break down Jessup on the stand. He found the contact on one of the bodies and planted it in Hayden’s apartment. He was planning to go back with a team to sweep the apartment one last time, but Benny went the the apartment and found it first. 

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Bull Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

The only thing about those bullets you dodge is that they keep traveling and sometimes they come back to hit you right between the eyes.

Jason Bull

I've never met a man or woman who doesn't believe at some point in their lives they've dodged a bullet. Walked out to the edge of the cliff we call fate, and then, for whatever reason, decided not to jump.

Jason Bull