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The District Attorney charges John Philips with vehicular manslaughter when his wife dies in a car accident where he was driving. He was doing 11 miles over the speed limit, failed to slow down for “congestion ahead” sign and had 1 beer equalling .04 blood alcohol level which is below the legal limit. Judge Lamkin asks Bull to look into the case, as she would have the case dismissed but it’s Judge Bergen’s case and she won’t. 

Turns out that State Assemblyman Trevor Dormit is pushing to convict John, calling him a “maniac, drunk driver.” Bull thinks this has something to do with getting Dormit’s Road Improvement Bill passed. The sign that was supposed to say “Road Congestion Ahead” was hacked. Instead it said, “No Need to Read” in protest of Dormit demolishing the local library. It also comes out that Dormit has given several road construction contracts to his brother’s company. 

A video shows that John had a fight with the little league coach just before getting in the car. It helps prove the prosecution’s case that he was driving in an agitated state. Turns out that John and Karen’s son, Carter has a motor planning disorder. He’s been in physical therapy for the last two years. John didn’t want people treating him differently, but his wife wanted to tell the coach and they were fighting in the car. 

The jury sympathizes with John, but the prosecution tries to say that the hacked sign doesn’t matter since John can’t remember seeing it. Bull has the legal aid attorney, Gill, show that the brain frequently dismisses information that isn’t relevant, such as a sign saying “No Need to Read” along the roadway. 

The jury finds John not guilty. Assemblyman Dormit is charged with perjury and Judge Lamkin decides to run for the State Assembly. 

Marissa has been secretly dating her ex-husband. She promises Bull that if it all blows up, she won’t come to him again. Bull tells her that she can always come to him no matter what. 




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Bull Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Carter: I'm not a lawyer.
Bull: Yeah, that's right, you're probably too smart to be a lawyer.
Marissa: Hey, don't bias a 9-year-old.

Marissa: I never know whether to be scared or impressed.
Bull: First instinct is usually the best.