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Elliot Miles is arrested for raping a woman, stabbing her and her husband and then setting them on fire. He’s also mute. The prosecutor is seeking the death penalty.

Jason Bull is arrested after drunkenly kicking in a vending machine when it wouldn’t give him his water. He had just heard that his ex-wife, Izzy, is getting remarried. Bull meets Elliot in the holding cell and decides his team should take on the case.

After bailing Jason out of jail, Marissa chastises him for his excessive drinking and behavior over the last few months. She says she wants to be able to admire him again. Marissa starts therapy. Bull appears to take Marissa’s admonishments to heart and stops drinking. 

Bull visits Izzy to congratulate her on her engagement. He wishes thinks had worked out for them, but he hopes she’ll be happy. Izzy tells Bull that she doesn’t think he does well alone. 

Bull hijacks voir dire from Benny and uses all of their jury strikes. Then Bull doesn’t tell Benny about a meeting with the prosecutor where they were offered a deal for life in prison instead of the death penalty. Benny goes off on Bull for not asking him or the team if they were up to the task of taking on a death penalty case, because if they lose, they will all have to live with letting a man die. 

Elliot’s girlfriend is his only alibi and she says Elliot was home at 8:15pm. Later she tells Chunk that she’s only with Elliot because he makes good money. Later she changes her testimony on the stand and claims Elliot really came home at 9:15pm. Benny cross examines her and gets her to admit that she was too trashed to know when Elliot came home, and that she only testified to 9:15pm because the prosecution offered her protection from the neighbors who have been harassing her. 

After the testimony, Benny asks for a mistrial but the judge turns him down. Bull is worried, because he truly believes that Elliot is innocent. He tells Benny and Chunk he needs a drink and leaves. 

Chunk promises his daughter that he’ll be there for her graduation. 

To be continued...


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Bull Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Benny: You know, Bull, we used to be a team.
Bull: What are you talking about Benny?
Benny: It used to be that you'd ask me before you took a case. Used to be that you'd ask me before you blew through all of our jury strikes. Used to be that you cared what I thought.

Everyday I see you checking your watch to see if it's late enough to have your first drink, and if it's not that, it's how long until lunch? You sleep in your office. Your clothes don't fit. I think you are an amazing person, Jason, but I am tired worrying about you, pitying you. I want to admire you again.