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Bull takes on the case of Sawagi Cellular against Zoken Cellular. TAC will get paid three times their normal fee if they can win the case before Christmas which is in five days. 


Charlotte Kensington, aka Charlie, tries to run off to London but is stopped before she can board the plane when they realize she’s not with an adult. Her nanny arrives to bring her home. Later, Charlie shows up in Bull’s office asking to be emancipated from her parents. Bull doesn’t take her seriously and asks Marissa to make sure she gets home. 


When Marissa can’t find anyone to pick Charlie up, Bull ends up taking her home. It’s an expensive, huge apartment but 9-year-old Charlie is all alone. Bull ends up staying until 2:30am when her father gets home from work. Bull asks a family court judge for advice and they open an investigation. Bull is asked to be Charlie’s guardian ad litem during the case. 

Bull learns that Charlie’s mother died of cancer three years ago. But when her father, Rex, is asked basic questions about his daughter, he can’t answer them. The judge asks the nanny, April, to be her full time temporary guardian, but April shows up on Bull’s doorstep. She needs to finish her thesis and she didn’t take this job to be a full time care giver. 

Bull gets caught in gridlock and can’t get to court for the cellular case and get over to Charlie’s school to pick her up. The school calls Rex, who comes to pick up his daughter, just as Bull arrives. Charlie admits she wants to be with her Dad. 

When Bull arrives at court, he must choose between going to family court with Rex and Charlie, or going to help with TAC’s cellular case. The representative for Sawagi Cellular gets nasty with Bull for not being there for voir dire. He threatens to fire TAC. Bull tells him to go ahead and do so, and he heads to family court to make sure Charlie ends up with her father. Later that night, Bull shows up to play Santa Claus for Charlie and her dad.

Marisa can’t pay the rent on her mother’s apartment. When Benny finds her in tears, she admits how Kyle swindled her and disappeared. He convinces her to tell Danny and Cable what happened and get their help. They manage to get Kyle’s prints off a tequila bottle from Marissa’s apartment. Danny runs his prints with the NYPD. Kyle is actually Robert Allen. He’s married with a wife and three kids, who claim they haven’t seen him in years, but they have a big house and private schools for the kids. Robert is wanted for tax evasion, international money laundering and larceny. 

Kyle/Robert needed Marissa to get him a passport, and Cable traces it to the British Virgin Islands where he is laundering money. Marissa has the flights from BVI to New York monitored for Kyle’s passport. When he arrives, Marissa is there to greet him, and have the FBI arrest him. 

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Bull Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Marissa, is it bring your brat to work day? One of those things wandered in here.


Danny: So we're representing the cheap knock off.
Bull: We are defending the realistically priced alternative and being paid a boatload of money to do it.