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Jemma Whitbeck disappeared at 16 years old after sneaking out of her house and meeting an older man, Ryan Mitchell, online. A year and a half later, she and Ryan are both arrested for armed robbery for holding up a jewelry store. 

Bull’s friend, Thalia Macera, is Jemma’s attorney and she asks for Bull’s help on the case. They need to prove that Jemma was abused and manipulated by Ryan, but even while out on bail, she runs back to the prison to see him. 

Worried that Jemma will flee and cause her mother to lose her home, or damage her case further, Bull convinces Jemma’s mother, Maya, to tell the court to revoke Jemma’s bail and keep her in lock up until the trial is over. 

Chunk and Danny find the trailer where Ryan and Jemma had lived. They find that Jemma was locked in a small room and chained to the door. 

As Bull gets more desperate, Jemma still refuse to turn on Ryan. They go to the ADA to try and make a deal, but the ADA makes the deal with Ryan instead, who testifies against Jemma. The entire mirror jury seems to believe Ryan. 

Bull realizes how alone Jemma must feel and gets his team to recruit all of the students and members of the community who originally searched for Jemma when she first disappeared. Jemma decides to testify on her own behalf and relates how she chose to go with Ryan because she felt like she knew him after months of talking online, but then he raped her and kidnapped her. 

Eventually she felt dirty and too ashamed to go home. All but one jury is willing to acquit, leaving a hung jury, but Bull is able to convince the ADA to drop the charges, as Jemma has been victimized enough. 


Later, Jemma goes home with her mother and says she looks forward to starting over, but then when she’s alone she turns on her laptop. 

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Bull Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

I feel a sense of professional obligation. I want you to understand how much trouble you're in. You committed armed robbery. You held up a jewelry store. You're looking at 25 years in prison. Stop me if I say anything that makes you give a damn.


Perfect. We've got a guilty client, an impossible lawyer, and about a half dozen unproven theories with which to defend her. Sounds like a dream come true.