Kyle Gets Mugged - Bull
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Bobby Lewis, a boxer agrees to throw a fight, but then changes his mind in the ring and wins. When he and his wife get home that night, they find a dead body in the trunk of their car. It’s his neighbor, Emmett Sawyer, a drug dealer. Bobby and he have had altercations before. 

Bull plans to spend Thanksgiving alone at TAC, watching football on all of the big screens and having dinner delivered, but Calvin Barry, Robbie’s attorney accosts Bull and asks for his help. 

Bull gives everyone at TAC the week off for Thanksgiving. Chunk is headed back to Georgia to see his best friend from high school. Benny is flying to Dallas and meeting his family coming in from Puerto Rico. Marissa is headed to Miami to vacation alone. Cable decides not to go home for the holidays, upsetting her mother. 

Bull must work this case without his team or his tech and with Bobby’s attorney, Calvin, who has never tried a homicide case. One of Bobby’ neighbors says she saw an altercation between Bobby and Emmett just before the police arrive. Bull knows she’s lying but she can’t prove it. 

Danny goes over the recording of the fight with Bull and they determine that Bobby was supposed to throw the fight and then got angry and won. Bull figures out that Bobby made the deal with the mob, and they put the body in his trunk as retaliation. 

Bull makes a deal with the mob on Bobby’s behalf. He’ll fight for them and win, if they provide evidence to the DA that Bobby isn’t the killer. The DA drops the case. Bull tells Bobby that someday the mob will once again want him to throw a fight, and next time, he’d better do it or his body will end up in the trunk of a car. 

Before Marissa leaves, Kyle shows up having been beaten up. He claims he was mugged while mailing a letter at night and his money and passport was stolen. Marissa offers to use her Homeland Security connections to get him a new passport right away. He leaves, and Marissa finds out that all of her credit cards are maxed out and her bank account is empty. She doesn’t tell Bull, but begins using TAC’s resources to track Kyle down. 

Chunk’s best friend’s daughter, Anna, has gotten into NYU but her mother thinks it’s too far away and too dangerous. She asks Chunk to talk to her mom. It comes out that Chunk is actually Anna’s father, and they decide it’s time to tell Anna.

Benny gets stranded at the airport on his way to Dallas and spends hours getting to know Grace, who is also stranded. Benny gets the last seat on an outgoing flight, but gives it to Grace instead. 



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Bull Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

What are we having? Chicken nuggets and jello shots, just like they had on the Mayflower.


I'm thinking our witness is a liar, the jury's falling for it hook, line, and sinker, and our client isn't telling us something.