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A fellow names Jordan is rounding up the girls in the dance studio.

Melanie is lying to her dad about roller derby.

Michelle apologizes to Godot.

Michelle's brother turns up.

Boo brings her little brothers to ballet class.

Cozette weirds out Michelle by getting in her space at dance class.

Michelle returns to her job as a Las Vegas showgirl.

Cozette and Frankie name Melanie for roller derby - Cleosmacktra.

Ginny discovers Melanie's secret.

Michelle and Scotty argue.


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Bunheads Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

See? It's the perfect thing for us cause you're an expert on the ocean and I like taking fish.


Jordan: Focus! Without focus you're life is going to be jumping from one alcoholic boyfriend to another. Is that what you want?
Matisse: I don't think so...