Overturned - Burden of Truth
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Joanna and Billy are in therapy for Joanna's post-partum. Joanna wants pills so she can feel better and be on her way. In therapy, so many differences about parenting come out.

Owen, Taylor, and Thorpe raid Crystal's place and find more girls. Crystal won't give Owen any more information.

Joanna and Billy get Farell Jackson to admit that Oro North wanted Helen out of the way, but before he says anything else, Elise stops him. He ends up saying he acted alone.

They try to find evidence that will invalidate the mining license but keep coming up dry.

Diane returns home to find Kip staying with them. She reassures the teen he is welcome but gives Owen a hard time about not telling her. Owen is suspicious of the mayor since he won't let him dig into the Oro North drivers and makes him get in a group photo.

Dee showed up at Taylor's new place.

Taylor finds Dee wanting to run again. Luna reaches her by telling her how her mom was a kept woman and her jerk of a father, She offers to get her some meds to help with her withdrawal symptoms. Luna says she and her girlfriend work in legal aid and will help her get a fresh start.

Joanna stops by Luna's with a pizza peace offering. She's resistant at first but then asks her sister to help them with Dee.

Taylor tells Joanna that one of the girls at the raid was Samantha, her client's daughter.

Burden of Truth
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Burden of Truth Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Joanna: We can’t afford to just sit around and talk.
Billy: We can’t afford not to

You're not yourself, and I worry about you.