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This week'svictim, Marie Subbarad, is found in her car having suffered from explosive decongestion, a symptom of having no oxygen. She was an astrophysicist researching aliens and outer space. It is believed she was killed in an altitude chamber at her facility, but no evidence was found inside.

Subbarad had worked with Benny Stryker, a man who researched aliens. He explained Marie believed she had made contact, but he warned her to be careful in case the government was following her. Two government agents remove the victim’s stuff from her office.

While driving from an observatory Marie had visited, Beckett and Castle’s car dies, their watches and phones stop working, and a bright light shines down on them. The government agents ask about Marie’s data causing the detectives to look elsewhere for it. They find footage on a CD of something in the sky.

Beckett and Castle meet with Agent Westfield and discover that Marie was believed to be a spy for the Chinese. A co-worker of hers, Dr. Vaughn, was forging her signature on the telescope pages to cover for himself. Vaughn was spying for the Chinese after getting in debt with them. The detectives and the agent bust Vaughn meeting with his handler.

Alexis’ boyfriends parents want to meet Castle and Martha before letting him go camping. They find him fascinating.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Wow, she looks like an overstuffed sausage.


What is life without challenges?