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The murder of “Lightbulb Len” was the focus of “Murder Must Fowl.” A subway worker was found shot in the park while bird watching. Len had been taking pictures of red tail hawks and witnessed a child abduction. Photos on his camera showcased the events.

The child abducted is Tyler Donegal, who had been playing soccer in the park. His father was being threatened to follow the kidnappers instructions or his son would be killed. The father, Dean, worked as a janitor in an office building. The criminals needed access to financial files being kept in an office and needed Dean to provide access.

Castle and Beckett are able to find Tyler, being kept in a mechanical room in the subway underneath the office building. The detectives were able to efficiently retrieve Tyler because of a lighting system that Lightbulb Len had installed in the subway. The kidnappers turned out to be ex Wall Street workers who were trying to get financial information to get ahead in the stock market.

At home, Alexis is tasked with watching Ashley’s pet rat. She loses the rat, but Martha is able to find it as Ashley gets home.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Castle: What's the strangest pet you've ever had?
Beckett: You.

Beckett: The thing about murderers. Mario, is they tend to not have solid alibis.
Castle: Generally because they are murdering somebody.

Castle Season 3 Episode 8 Music

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Cliff lin infiltraitor Infiltraitor Cliff Lin iTunes
Pajaro sunrise salt and spoon Salt & Spoon Pajaro Sunrise iTunes