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On this weeks Castle….

Alexis wants to get a Vespa leading us to find out about Beckett owning a Harley.

Beckett and the gang investigate a murder of a bail bondsman, Carver. The crime scene shows the office ransacked and a foot print of a shoe that Castle calls “no hassle tassels.” Lanie discovers the victim had a cross on his forehead of Holy Water - indicating that last rights were performed, as well as a strange document in his pants pocket that looks like a map. Beckett and Castle speak with the victim’s wife Brooke who they discover had bugged his office because of cheating suspicions.

The first suspect is Random Pierce, who has an alibi of shoplifting a copy of The DaVinci Code. While chasing after him, Beckett has a run in with a former partner/bounty hunter, Mike Royce. Investigators found fingerprints from Clifford Stuckey in Carver’s office, who is a much older man that was involved in a jewel heist worth millions many years ago. He is brought in for questioning and recognizes the map on the board. Father Aaron, the third suspect, is brought in for his relationship with the victim and the administering of last rights on Carver, who was wearing no hassle tassels.

Connections show that Random Pierce robbed Clifford Stuckey’s apartment, Random’s cellmate in prison was Stuckey’s partner in a jewel heist, Carver had put up the bonds for them, and Father Aaron volunteered at the facility where they were all held. Royce was involved in trying to track down the jewels.

Castle discovers the words “under the gun” on the treasure map leading them to a cemetery where they are faced with Brooke, Royce, and Stuckey. They are all arrested and no treasure is found. Back at the precinct, Castle sees a tattoo on Lloyd’s arm which leads them to the real location of the treasure.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

My Spidey-Sense is tingling.


The no hassle tassel - these were the height of fashion in 1984.