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Tonight’s episode opened with a daughter walking into her mother’s house and found her mother Vivian dead folded into the couch. Castle arrived at the scene where Beckett was already there, Castle new the victim Vivian was a medium and had had a reading from her at a party eight years before.

Beckett and Castle begin searching for Vivian’s killer. After interviewing the last few clients who saw her that day they begin to run out of leads when a letter arrived at the police station mailed the day Vivian was murdered from her predicting her own death.

Martha came into Castle’s loft and told him that her boyfriend Chet had passed away. While Castle is dealing with that Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan watched footage of the man Vivian help send to jail confront her about being a fake.

Beckett and Castle find that the psychic believed she was about to solve a murder. However the murder she was about to solve was that of the husband of the clients that Castle and Beckett spoke too. However, she had the wrong person pegged.

The person that killed her turned out to be the same person who killed her husband and had been one of her clients. She thought Vivian was about to expose her so she killed the Vivian to try and cover up the first murder.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Don't you believe in fate? Soul-mates? Unicorns? Faeries? Double-Rainbows?


Castle: I am not saying I can speak with the dead, just that there are people in the world more sensitive than me.
Beckett: Now that's not hard to believe.
Castle: Walked right into that one.
Ryan: uh huh.