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Castle and Beckett escape to the Hamptons for the weekend. A man stumbles into Castle’s pool and dies. The two get involved in the case to track down who had murdered the victim.

The victim and a friend of his had been putting up meth labs and selling both in the city and at the beach. He was killed by a local cop who had been pissed about the rich weekenders. 

After interrogating one of the suspects, Ryan realizes that Beckett is out there with Castle. He doesn’t let him know that he is on to them. Espo is still trying to figure out who it is and Ryan asks to drop it for a while so Beckett’s private life stays private.

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Castle Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Beckett: So, you rich or something?
Castle: I'm not James Patterson rich, but I do ok.

You're in a room full of detectives and not one of them has a clue.